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Cemetery Department

Cemetery Sexton Martin Hartle
Martin Hartle
Cemetery Sexton

821 North Grand
Lyons, KS  67554

Ph: (620) 257-3981

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

                  Flags flying over the Cemetery on Memorial Day


The Cemetery Department has 2 full-time personnel and 2 seasonal part-time personnel.
Cemetery Sexton: Martin Hartle
Cemetery Labor: Larry Bradford

Cemetery Duties

The Cemetery Department is responsible for the following duties:
  • Burial Services
    • Includes digging and back-filling graves, coordinating and managing burials, ceremonies, and special events conducted at the Lyons Municipal Cemetery. Burial Services provided Monday through Saturday except for Holidays.
  • Record and Data Keeping
    • Burial records, lots sold, and monument settings are maintained at the Cemetery as well as City Hall. Accurately maintained records & data are a must for proper cemetery operations.
  • Selling Lots and Fund Collections
    • The Cemetery Sexton is a bonded employee and collects funds from lots sold and services provided.
  • Facilities and Grounds Maintenance
    • cutting the grass and trimming around headstones. Trimming bushes and trees. Also includes cleaning and maintaining buildings for public use.
  • Visitor assistance, and funeral procession escorts

Compost Facility

The Compost Facility is also directed by the Cemetery Sexton, and he has 1 part-time compost operator who inspects and records all loads brought into the facility.
Compost Facility Director: Martin Hartle
Compost Facility Operator: Ken Wohlgamuth